Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visit Örnsköldsvik

Last week was I up at my head office in Örnsköldsvik up north in Sweden. One evening did I visit my friend Thomas. Thomas is well known for all his bugs, Ghia's etc here in Sweden.
I took some picutes of his bus and his wifes bug.

Me sitting in Thomas Damnbulance. This is an old ambulance from 67 that Thomas restored during some years. He also have an old convertible from "1950"
You can read more about his cars at
His brother Mattias also known as an old VW builder long time ago. He build the some realy nice bug with good sound system inside that he was competing with. Today he has the HIFI store NÅRDIK up in Örnsköldsvik.
His wifes 1963 bug.

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