Sunday, October 5, 2008

Läjet 080814

Another Thursday evening at Läjet. This day was cold and windy and one of the first autumn days. This thuresday was it not so many cars.

A new/old VW in town. I guess someone of you recognize it.

Johan Dryselius on his Hobster. Johan left the VW dragracing scene some years ago. He was one of the former members in J-team racing. In J-team racing was it Johan, Jörgen and me Jonas.
Johan build even some very nice Cal-Lookers long time ago ;) Now he just build bikes. But you never know, one time a VW owner always a VW owner.
Some pictures of the old dragracing VW. I think the car is still in Norway.
Here is the first Buggy we where driving with. I was from the begining build by Johannes Persson also known from JPM.

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Eric Ellis said...


My name is Eric Ellis and I am a VW guy from Texas. I used to trade emails with Johan Dryselius. I found some pics of his old J-Team car on your site, and wondered if you may be able to put me in touch with Johan again.

You or Johan can contact me via the email addresses listed on my Speedshots Motorsports Photography or Ellis Engineering websites.