Friday, March 13, 2009

Transmisson school

We did visit Bill alias MrClean the other night to pick up all my stuff I had order.

Little Christmas Eve at Bill's garage. Ken's boy help me out to open up all the boxes.
Bill has a big and nice garage that I guess is everyones dream that restor cars.
Bill's friend Leroy arrived with his very nice Ghia. Leroy have done all the work on the Ghia him self, even the painting of it.
Low enough?
The Gasburner look just perfect on this Ghia.
Michael did find an old "broken" tranny. He started to take it apart at once. Bill Ken and Leroy listen carfully on what he says.
This swedish guy know some stuff about this ;)
In the middle of the lesson did a Service manager from Lamborghini in West Palm Beach arrive. He needed som help with adjusting his carburettors. Strange that a service guy don't know how to adjust some carburettors.
Back to the lesson again. Time to put it together again. Michael could not find anything wrong with it. Now even the mistery man on the left side show up. Sorry, forgott your name and not even Bill know who you are when i asked for your name :D
Some heat and some hits with the hammer and it was together again.
Don't even dream about to steal Bill's cars. This monsters will eat you alive. Some beers and pizza and Ken was waisted drunk ;)

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