Friday, March 13, 2009

Silver dollar raceway

This year was not as good as last year. I missed the big boys to much. No Damon Harmond, No Oliver Frey and so on. Otherwise was it a good meeting with some nice cars. I wich it hade bin some more cars at the show and shine. I hade the honer to judge in the show and shine. That was not to bad but not to difficult either. In my opinion was there just a few really nice cars that was standing for the top notch.
The racing was there something strange over, but I can't put my finger on what it was.

On the way to Silver dollar raceway did we take the wrong way and past this closed down petrol station.
Justin and Mike is waiting for the racing to start.
I always play pocket pingis with my balls.
I must admit that this car is nice even if it's green.
Kevin hade problem with a lose battery and Michael is trying to help him out.
This car is a bad ass if it just not hade broked the tranny.
This is a show winner. Best interior if you ask me.
Another show winner and race winner. Best paint and engine, again in my own opinion.
Majors bug.
Another great VW.
Some big boys at the track.
Michael and my dad are looking on the dragracing. Michael is not to impressed.

Nice filler protection.
This is how this trailer queens go home :D
It was so nice to see you all again. I hope to see you alla again next year in one way or another.

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