Monday, February 9, 2009

VW Rod, second pit stop at Henkes garage

After the motor start up failure and some food at MAX was it time for this evenings second garage visit. This time did we drive to Henkes garage. Henke is well known for his bikes and pick up that was illustrated in Swedish car magazine Wheels.
Henke also do alot of flake painting on cars, bikes, helmets ans so on.
At the moment is Henke working hard to finnish his last project. A VW type 1 Bonneville hot rod. I think this Rod will be one very nice and potent VW Rod with alot of cool stuff.
Thomas is study the tyre. Diagonal Firestone black wall.
The front beam are made by Henke.
The body is very well made with good lines.
This is one of Henkes bikes. This is a Swedish bike named Svalan "Swallow". You can also see his blue, flake painted second bike.
Pin striped bike saddle.
The motor for the blue flaked bike. Henke is waiting for some parts for it after a major brake down last summer.
Most of the parts for the motor are very rare trim parts from Morgo.
The wonderful flake painted petrol tank.
One more pictue of the tank. That was it from last weeks visit in north Sweden. A big thank you to Thomas and Henrik for the visit and a fun evening. I hope to see you soon again.
This week will i travel over to the east cost of Sweden and meet some of the guys from the DBRVW.


Anonymous said...

Hello to Henke -

Fred Hidalgo here from So-Cal.
Nice work. Fun to look at.

Question about chop top:
Have similar oval body that needs re-chopping as the B-pillars are slanted forward and the top was not widened.
Did you trim the back sides of the top / push it forwards ? - Just asking.
Also really like the front suspension. Is it a product ?

What does the car look like today ??
Thanks, Fred
415 948 3733

fred said...

Comment: VW Rod - Henke,

Hello, and glad to see some innovation at last.
Really respect what you've done so far.
How about an update on what the car looks like today?

With much appreciation, Fred Hidalgo - Stink Bug / Spooky