Monday, February 9, 2009

Visit up north in Sweden, first pit stop at SilverSoar

After my first stop in Gävle was the next way station at Thomas alias "SilverSoar" garage. He was working hard at the moment but of course not on any of his cars.
It looked exact the same as last visit ;) You can read some more about his cars at "SilverSoar"

This vert has everything in my opinion. It's just missing one thing, the right owner :D
Lucky that his very nice vert is standing in front of him so we barely can see him. Thomas has made a terrific work on this vert.
A nice car must have nice rims. Fuchs 4½"x15 with 135 in the front and Fuchs Deep 6" and M'H tyre.
The 2276cc engine is to bad not the fastest car up north. With the right driver and some adjustments would it be a killer.
There is no risk that Thomas will worn out the steering wheel or the Gene Berg shifter.
Here is the next project. A very nice 54 in good condition.
Thomas has so much goodies in his garage that even P-I from Borås should be jealous.

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Thomas said...

Jonas... fun to have you on a short stop in my and Henkes garage, but you need to change the text for the last picture:
-This IDA carbs and the propeller is for his next project: "Der Swimfarer" PRO Swimwagen racer...

AND Henkes 2165 is now living in the free fire breahting world!!
Sounds soooooo great and snappy!

/Thomas aka Silver