Monday, February 9, 2009

Visit up north in Sweden, start up new build engine

Direct from Thomas place did we drive to the Citroën garage. This is the place were Henrik is working and also were he have his new build 2165cc engine. The 2165cc will be installed in a VW rod. More about that later.
Me and Thomas was loaded as you can be when you are going to start up a new engine. First did we have to make the last adjustments and put the rockers in place. After some adjustments and spark plugs in place was it time to put some motor oil in it.
Now the time had come to crank it up. On the first try did we have a leak on the gas line, second try was not better the cranking motor did not work as it should and we could not get oil pressure. The third try was the last one. The cranking motor did it's last turns before it burned. That was the end of that funny evening.
Thomas is checking the spark plugs and Henrik is doing the hard work with adjusting the fan belt.
Rocker adjustment.
After oil filling was it now time for the start up.
First try did the gas line leak at the hose couplings.

The end of this evening :(

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