Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WIDE FIVE Sweden meeting

For the second time did WIDE FIVE Sweden had a meeting in Varberg at Sibylla. Tonight did 6 person participate in the meeting. All together are we 12 guy's. WIDE FIVE Sweden is a part of the amarican WIDE FIVE Florida. WIDE FIVE did start in 1995 in Florida. I meet this guy's and girls when I was over in March. They have some simple rules that I liked:

  1. Own a VW pre -67
  2. Have fun and drink beer :D
  3. + some more rules
Can it be better.

First some pictures from the first meeting.
Some of the guys is have a good time at Sibylla.
Daniels daly driver in black and Nicklas K's red -65.
Niklas -65 is so far away from a trailer queen you can get. This winter did he load his snowboard equipment and drived with it all the way up to Trysil in Norway. It's just 577km one way. Talk about daly driver.
Picture from today's meeting. We was a small group of cars but at the same time, it's still just in the middle of April.
Nicklas Replica Spyder. Nicklas also has a Typ 1 -58 that maybe will be out on the roads after next weekend.
David's very nice -65 Cal-look.
My -59 that still is under progress. Will change front beam as soon as i show up.

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