Monday, April 20, 2009

Daniel's ride

I was out at Daniel garage and helped him out with some stuff. I took some pictures of his -64 that he just got out after some years work. I did also took some pictures of his awsome what I know one of the kind VW type 1 from -65. This -65 has just bin out on the roads 9971km. It's like brand new. If you have 12 000€ in the pocket burning and want this extraodinary VW, give me a mail and I help you out to get in contact with Daniel. Now I just let the picture talk.

Daniels Samba and Type 1 from -64. Daniel in his Type 1 -64
Daniels marvellous VW type 1 from -65. As i wrote before. It's like brand new. Nothing is rebuild or changed on it.
9971km!!!! Try to find anything like this just some km away from where you live.

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