Monday, April 20, 2009

Visit at Bengt's Porsche heaven

Me and Christer from did visit Bengt, Bengt lives not far away from Halmstad. Bengt is a man with a lot of experience about Porsche 356 but also VW Type 1. His place is full of 356 parts and cars. We was here to check out Christer's 356 that he will start to work on shortly.
This was the first thing that meet me when I went into his shop. This would fit perfect into my VW type 1 from -59.
If you have about 30 000€ and want to buy a Porsche 356 send me a mail and I will help you to get in contact with Bengt.
This 356 is untouched. The patina is just lovely.

Adjustable shocks :P
It was not enough with one nice engine waitng for a ride. Bengt had on more ready. Some guys can't get enough.
One Porsche ready to hit the road.
The white one is Christers. I guess he have some work to do before this one will be out on the roads :D
Christers Porsche had a 914 as a neighbour.

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