Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BugRun 2008

After some weeks without any update of my blog I finally hade some time to do an update from one of the largest VW meetings in Europe. This year hade BUGRUN at Mantorp park 25 year anniversary celebration. There was 1777 participant cars and 6660 visitors. The weather was excellent with over 30c of heat.
Now over to the pictures from the meeting.
Nicklas in the front and Jockes bus behind.
Joakim up the hills outside Jönköping in his bus with blue smoking Porsche motor.
Nicklas is driving safe.
Nicklas and "Mr Rat" him self Steffo.
Emma is helping me out with selling some old VW stuff.
Nisse and Martin from Meanbugs.
The danish guys know how to restore cars.
Green, green and more green cars. This is the winner in Resto class.

Emma is taking a break infront of my VW.
The stand was crowded for the drag strip.

Race Micke in action. Lucky day for him. Nothing broke :)

Johannes Perssons awesome VW run 11,76. Check out below way that was so special.

This is the engine on Johannes VW. The engine is on 1600cc at leave 198hp. It run 7,76 on the 1/8 of a mile the day before BugRun.
The car has the same finnish inside the car as outside. Johannes has JPmotorsport in Helsingborg in south part of Sweden.
Some more VWs on the drag strip.
Erik from Meanbugs very nive VW with air ride.
Christer Frisk and some of the crews from Meanbugs have a good time.
Late evening and still alot of party going on.

Steffo and Jocke is discussing how life works in Sweden for some germen guys.

Party at Fahrvergnugen camp.
Saturday night party at Fahrvergnugen. Lock at the swimming pool and the beach we hade with us.
One alert guy in the morning.
Sänke, the winner in bus categoty and Jocke and my car early in the morning.
P-Is nice Ghia.
Show have started.
More cars. It was cars everywhere.
One more nice Ghia.
One of my favourite cars the meeting build by Michael Berg from Denmark. Michael won the Cal Look class
One more picture of the motor on Michaels Cal looker.
Jocke, me and Meangreens from Meanbugs.
Last a picture from late night happenings. No more comments :D

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