Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Summer happenings part II

Some more happenings before the VW season was to an end.
Malmö was one of the last meetings for this year. It was a big success. Wide5 won two more trophies and one more buss to the club.

Micke won best of show with his Samba.

Mickes Samba.

Jens is talking about his type 3

This looks like a criminal. Is he for real this guy :)

VW people are heavy protected

Christians nice VW

One more bus to Wide5

One very nice VW you can read more about at

I also got a trophy :D

Christian on his way home


Ayasha Kieth said...

I'm Glad that everyone was doing great and I'm sure that your enjoyed your summer, your cars was really look cool!


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Consórcio VW said...

In Brazil is "Fusquinha" and "Kombi", very very good!

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