Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pictures from the summer 2011

Annika putting pinstripes on my Fumagalli.

The result of the Fumagalli pinstiping. SVEA skate board.

On the ferry to Germany.
Happy Micke.

Pitstop on the way to EBI.
PAT- Stock & Performance.

3 guys from DBR are lost in Waterloo.

Micke are also lost in Waterloo.

Camping spot outside PAT- Stock & Performance.

Mange with a full Fastback.

Dyno Don enter the scene.

Dyno Don gives Tomas some massage.

A nice peace of ass from Öland.

Woffe at WolfParts and Metal Restoration and Jonas take it easy outside PAT.
DBR togeather with the guys from USA.

Dyno Don make some obsene stuff in my VW.

Pitstop before we enter EBI in Chimay.

Annelie, Jonas, Micke and Micke relax at the camp.

My VW the first day at EBI.

Landelius and Micke at Woffes salesplace.

Landelius having a good time with the rest of the guys from Sweden.

I take a break with the nice guys from danish MIB
My VW the day 2 at EBI.
The guys from Wide 5. Me, Micke from Wide 5 USA, Micke and Micke from Sweden Wide 5.
Picture from balcony at the hotel in Denmark before we tock the ferry back to Sweden.
Bugs meet bug. The big bug survive :)

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Erwin Calverley said...

I just love the design this old van. It's a little bit rusty, but it fits the old look. :-)