Monday, December 31, 2012

How fun can these two weeks be?
Join us for the VW tour for the year 2013. We will leave Varberg the
19th of June in the evening with the ferry to Grena, Denmark.
We will drive down to Kiel and meet up with all the other guys that
comes with the ferry from Gothenburg.
Hopefully will we be down close to Hessisch Oldendorf in the evening.

Pat will have there VW shop open.
Last time was this open house  event one of the best things on the trip
we did. Pat with family and his crew show us big hopspitality.
All the american guys come buy and had a look at the dyno day.
In the evening is there a VW Cruise Night @ McDonalds,
Waterloo ... June 26, 2013 "Evening" Last time was this
a very nice meeting.

Before we travel back to Sweden do we have to participte
to one of the bigger VW shows in Europe.
The European BUG-IN 5.
Don't miss this week. Hopefully will it be a summer to
remember until 2017.

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Anonymous said...

Jonas, fin blogg, kul att du fortfarande hålle på med vw. Jag behöver snacka med dig om min motor. Ring mig ASAP! Nummer har du både i din telefon och i din dator, på mail mm.