Friday, November 21, 2008

Visit at a TV-stars VW garage

This week did I visit the new TV-star in Sweden. Niklas "Nisse" Törner. Nisse is a nice guy that lives in Kumla in Sweden.
I think Nisse is more famous for his movies together with his brother then his car ;) on YouTube he is known as "Sikkerdikk" and Törner Productions
Here is some of his most downloaded movies: This is with Nisses old blue very nice bug. Meanbugs movie. Nisses best movie, from BugRun 2007. Volksworld 2006. BugRun 2008.

Nisse is working hard with his red Rustlooker bug from -64. The project at the moment is new motor and to make it not so low in the back.
Nisse also had a visit from Klas that just sold his lime green 60th that also was in Nisses garage at the moment waiting for its new owner.

You can read some more about Nisses cars at

Nisse, thank you for the dinner. You are welcome anytime you want down to the Gold coast for some barbecue next summer.

Now over to some pictures from his clean and not so messy nice garage, hehehe.

The TV-star.
The next TV-star Klas is enter the garage. The next generation is already hard drilled by Nisse. Fillip the the big KiSS fan.

I just think Nisse need to clean up a little.

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