Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring cruzing with Fahrvergnugen West

This year Varberg was a the proud area for the spring cruzing with Fahrvergnugen West. We meet on the parking place beside Varbergs famous fortress. After that we drive up to GEKÅS: car museum. GEKÅ:s is more well kown for the cheap shopping. Now over to some pictures from the meeting.

People from Varberg first on site.
The rest of the Fahrvergnugen pepole from the Gotenborg area has arrived.
One of the very nice split busses that was with us this day.
Fredriks 58.
Daniel freezes his ass of when we discuss everything about the cars.
Nice view :D
The Rat master him self, Steffo.
Steffos rat. Very low and slow ;)
What has Jocke in the back of his split bus. Can it be one blue smoking engine ;)
Jockes split bus. Another very nice bus.
Hmmm any car alarm in this car?
Cool guy :)
Finally after 45 minutes of cruzing we arrived to GEKÅ:s car museum. Joakim and Daniels splits on the huge parking place outside the museum.
Mattias Ghia.
Cool sign with my nic on. Did anyone have the same sign give me a call och mail.
After some cruzing back to Varberg again we end up out on Getterön. Getterön is the very nice area outside Varberg with all this beaches.

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